2013 NAIDC Contest & Dairy Challenge Academy

2013 NAIDC Contest & Dairy Challenge Academy - 1st Place Teams

Earning first place honors at the 2013 North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge® were teams from Cal Poly, South Dakota State University (SDSU), University of Vermont (UVM) and University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UW-RF).

Front Row (L-R): April Johnson, SDSU; Cassandra Hulstein, SDSU; Morgen Doane, UVM; Melissa Woolpert, UVM; Riley Jolma, UW-RF; Carl Lippert, UW-RF; Mandy Brazil, Cal Poly; Erin de Snayer, Cal Poly.

Back Row (L-R): Alicia Vander Wal, SDSU; Dr. Ken Kalscheur, Coach SDSU; Lael Schoessler, SDSU; Andrew Whitney, UVM; Wanda Emerich, Coach UVM; Kaitlin Benoit, UVM; Elizabeth Simmons, UW-RF; Dr. Sylvia Kehoe, Coach UW-RF; Jonathan Hallock, UW-RF; David Vander Schaaf, Cal Poly; Dr. Stan Henderson, Coach Cal Poly; Micah DeGroot, Cal Poly


College students at the inaugural Dairy Challenge Academy present their dairy management recommendations to other students and volunteer Academy Advisors.


University of Idaho teammates inspect milking cow comfort at the dairy they were assigned to evaluate at the 2013 NAIDC.


The 2013 Dairy Challenge kicked off with thought-provoking presentation on dairy profit analysis and expectations by Phil Plourd, President and CEO of Blimling and Associates, Madison, Wisc.


At Dairy Challenge, students from Cornell University review the dairy’s production and other management performance, feed rations and financial records.


Adam Preston (far right) of Quincy, Mich., answers questions of Dairy Challenge contest participants as part of their mission to evaluate and recommend opportunities to maximize dairy productivity.

Alabama A&M University

Front L-R: Caitlin Coriasso and Angela Stuart
Back L-R: Amber Bartley, Coach Gamal Abdelrahim and Micah Bettis

2013 NAIDC Berry College

Front L-R: Robin Nolan and Leah Moore Back L-R: Kaitlin MaGill, Coach Iris Peeler and Kaylene Lyons

Cal Poly Contest Team

Academy Group #12

Cornell University

Delaware Valley

Dordt College

Fresno State

University of Guelph

University of Idaho Contest Team

University of Idaho - Contest and Academy

University of Illinois - Contest Team

University of Illinois - Contest and Academy

Iowa State University - Contest Team

Iowa State University - Academy Participants

Lakeshore Technical College

Louisiana State University

University of Maine

Michigan State - Contest and Academy

Michigan State - Contest Team

University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota - Academy Group

University of Missouri

Morrisville State University

University of New Hampshire

Ohio State - ATI

The Ohio State University

Penn State - Academy Group

Penn State - Contest Team

Purdue University

Purdue University - Academy Group

Purdue University - Contest and Academy

UW-River Falls - Contest and Academy

South Dakota State University

University of Vermont

South Dakota State University - Academy Group

South Dakota State University - Contest & Academy

University of Alberta

Utah State University

UW-River Falls - Contest Team

UW - Madison

UW - Platteville

Vermont Technical College

Virginia Tech - Academy Group

Front L-R: Kelsey Smith, Daniel Fugate, Kelsey Flowe
Back L-R: Coach Bob James, Patrick Carroll, Claybourne Zimmerman and Coach Mark Hanigan

Virginia Tech - Contest Team

Front L-R: Elizabeth Sumners and Alli Davis
Back L-R: Coach Bob James, Isaac Hammock, Tyler Boyd and Coach Mark Hanigan

Washington State University - Group

Washington State University - Contest Team

West Virginia University - Contest Team

West Virginia University - Academy Group

Vermont Students Inspect Host Farm

Students from the University of Vermont conduct a thorough inspection of an Indiana dairy farm, as part of their quest to provide recommendations for farm improvement during the 2013 national Dairy Challenge.

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