NAIDC Board Election » 2020 NAIDC Election Schedule

April 12 Post election information on the web site
April 8 During board meeting, chair will introduce nominating committee, put on each board member task of soliciting any additional board candidates during contest.
April 14-16 Introduce nominating committee and announce election schedule at Dairy Challenge event
May 1 Call for candidate bios
May 12 Candidate bios due (at least one month in advance of elections)
May 12 May Board Call. Nominating Committee to present slate of Board candidates (at least 2 weeks in advance of elections). Board reviews candidates.
June 1 Election of Board Members. Election call and first round of balloting for Board positions. Each round will have a minimum of 48 hours and will be distributed via email
Jun 9 June Board Call. Nominating Committee to present slate of officers to Board. Board welcomes new board members, recognizes retiring board members.
July 1 New Board terms officially begin
July 15 Election of Officers


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