NAIDC Board Election » Election Procedures

  1. Elections to the Board of Directors will be conducted according to the following procedures:

    1. The slate provided for Director Election will be considered as a whole with the number of votes cast by each Director present being equal to the number of Director's positions available.
    2. Votes will be cast via private ballot to the Executive Director and/or Management Group.
    3. All board members are eligible to participate in all rounds of voting.
    4. After the first vote, those candidates that receive eight (8) or more votes will be elected. Eight votes represent the majority of the Board of Directors regardless of the Directors present and voting.

      If more candidates receive eight votes than there are Director positions available, those with the higher vote totals will be elected. In the case of a tie vote for the remaining position or positions, only those candidates that are tied for the remaining position or positions will be placed on a subsequent ballot. On that ballot each Director will have vote(s) equal to the number of positions still available. This will continue until the final Director position(s) are filled by candidate(s) that receive a majority of votes. A minimum of 48 hours will be allowed per round of voting.

    5. In the case that less than the number of candidates needed to fill the director positions receive 8 or more votes on the first ballot the following procedures will apply.

      1. Any candidates that received 8 or more votes on the first ballot will be elected and removed from subsequent ballots.
      2. The second ballot will consist of those candidates that received at least 3 votes on the first ballot, but did not receive 8.
      3. The number of votes cast by each Director will be equal to the number of director positions left to be filled.
      4. In the case that there are not enough candidates left to fill the remaining positions that received at least 3 votes, candidates will be added back to the ballot based on receiving 2 votes, then one vote until there are enough candidates to proceed.
      5. After the vote, the candidate(s) who receive(s) the highest vote total will be elected to the remaining position(s)
      6. This voting procedure will continue with additional votes until all Director position(s) are filled.

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