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A Challenge for Challenge Alumni

To all North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge Alumni:

This is an open challenge to all who have participated over the last 9 years at one of the 30 different events held across the U.S.  As one of our 2,200 alumni you know first-hand the impact of our program to the dairy industry, but most importantly what the Dairy Challenge means to you. 

Your new challenge as an individual or university is to support what together we have started so we can continue to grow the next generation of leaders for the Dairy Industry.  We are now on the front end of developing new tools and programs that will further your experience as an Alumni of the Dairy Challenge and we need your help.  

If your NAIDC experience:

  • Was a positive learning experience
  • Provided you a greater appreciation for the Dairy Industry
  • You personally gained through your participation

We need you to say yes to becoming a supporter of the continued success and learning experience so others might realize and gain as you have.  By following the link below, you can make payment through PayPal and demonstrate your support with your financial contribution.

Thank you for your consideration and support of our continued growth and success.

Luciene Ribeiro

NAIDC Board Chair

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